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Drinkware by Artists

1. Wandering Collection by Taberu



Name: Wandering Collection
Art by
: Taberu Team

When you're thinking of summer gifts, Wandering is a fantastic collection to consider. It is a destination for wander-loving, water lovers with sports like diving, swimming, and surfing. We inspire the wanderlust in you with our collections of hand-drawn illustrated prints, vibrant travel mugs, and more. The same design idea, but with a slightly different color scheme, as you see, it creates a unique and exciting experience. Get one and enjoy a summer filled with playfulness and hopefulness.
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2. Wave Collection by Bado



Name: Wave Collection
Art by: Bado Team

Inspired by the waves of the ocean, our team has come up with the newest idea this summer. Using different design components (lines, shapes, and patterns), the Wave collection could make you feel like surfing real big waves or calming with the gentle waves on the sand. We hope our 'Wave' can turn all of your feelings toward this season into the real. Look, the waves are calling! Don’t wait any longer; let’s bring the 'Wave’ to your summer!
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3. MilTropi Collection by Kite



Name: MilTropi Collection
Art by: Kite

A groundbreaking update in terms of design, Wander Prints present to you "MilTropi" collection with a combination of Mild and Tropical to give you 12 states of the approaching summer day: cozy, humid, cloudy, fresh, fine, cloudless, rainbow, brezze, blue sky, sunny, gloomy, clear. With the desire to bring you the best experience, you can choose for yourself the item's cover you like. Moreover, you can use it as a summer gift for your relatives and friends. Scroll down to find out your product now!
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4. Summer Vibes Collection by Kid



Name: Summer Vibes Collection
Art by: 

Wander Prints proudly present you with our new collection "Summer vibes" which brings the positive message "After rain comes sunshine". Inspired by the inconvenience of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown time was really harsh to us, thus we launch this set in order to bring you again the relax vibe while on the beach. The sunlight, the salty air, beer, cocktail... are showed up into these design cover with the meaning "Here comes summer, it's beach time!" - let go off your troubles and enjoy.
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